Summer Casters

Smix, iNcontroL, Nathanias, Apollo and Lilsusie to DreamHack Summer!

DreamHack Open will head back to Sweden for the second stop at DreamHack Summer 2014! DreamHack, along with EIZO, HyperX, Razer and Monster Energy are proud to announce another all star broadcast team who will be capturing the action live at DreamHack Summer for everyone to enjoy from June 14-16th. Attending DreamHack Summer will be Smix, iNcontroL, Apollo, Nathanias, and Lilsusie!

Smix, iNcontroL, Apollo, and Nathanias are four names who might no longer need any introduction when it comes to DreamHack Open. Geoff 'iNcontroL' Robinson and Sue 'Smix' Lee helped kick off the year of 2014 with us in Bucharest and we are thrilled to have them back. Smix in particular after having done a great job interviewing and hosting in past DreamHack Open events will be stepping into a new role, leading the discussion of the panel. After taking a break for one event, Shaun 'Apollo' Clark, who is more of a veteran to DreamHack StarCraft II than anybody else will be attending his 15th event broadcasting StarCraft II with DreamHack, and of course its great to have him back! At his side forming the primary commentary pair will be Nathan 'Nathanias' Fabrikant who first came to DreamHack Summer in 2013, and has since then become one of the most internationally recognised StarCraft II commentators. iNcontroL of course will round this group of four out, bringing the balance of great humour, some superb in-game knowledge, passion and a guaranteed open discussion that can only come from him.

With Smix stepping into a new role of leading the panel, esports veteran and fantastic translator Susie "Lilsusie" Kim will be joining the crew as the tournament area host and interviewer. Also with excellent Korean and vast knowledge of the extensive history of StarCraft, Lilsusie is a welcome addition to DreamHack Open and we are very excited to have her.

Its not too late to secure your place competing in DreamHack Open: Summer, if you'd like your chance to face off against some of the World's best StarCraft II stars, be sure to sign up now before it is too late!

To learn more about DreamHack Open, check out all details regarding the tour's event dates and competition format here.

DreamHack Summer begins June 14th, stay tuned to and DreamHackOpen on twitter for more news in the coming weeks regarding the broadcast schedule and the competitor list!
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