Bucharest Casters

Tasteless, Artosis, iNcontroL, DeMusliM, Smix and FunKa to Bucharest

    With less than a month until DreamHack Open 2014 officially kicks off with the first stop in Bucharest, DreamHack is proud to announce the first details of the broadcast for the tournament. DreamHack, along with EIZO, HyperX and Razer are proud to welcome Tasteless, Artosis, DeMusliM, iNcontroL, FunKa, and Smix to Bucharest and the first stop of DreamHack Open 2014!

    DreamHack Open Bucharest will take place April 26-27th and award $25,000 + 4,000 WCS points to the top placing competitors. As well, the top 4 finalists will be the first players to qualify to the year end grand finals at DreamHack Winter with $75,000 on the line! Passes for competing as well as spectating are still available, check here for details to experience DreamHack Bucharest live!

    Furthermore DreamHack is proud to announce with the new year we will continue to re-invent the way esports is broadcast to make for the most entertaining show possible. For this event we will debut our new style of broadcasting StarCraft® II, introducing a panel of experts which will be primarily hosted by Nick "Tasteless" Plott. He will be joined by Dan "Artosis" Stemkoski, Ben "DeMusliM" Baker and Geoff "iNcontroL" Robinson. These four will share the duty of commentating games so expect to see each paired with one another for the actual in-game commentary, but between games all four will discuss the happenings of DreamHack Open and keep track of the massive group stage going on! As well they will be checking in from time to time with our host and interviewer Sue "Smix" Lee, who will be speaking to players on stage as well as in the tournament area to really capture the feel of attending DreamHack Open live.

    We are of course very excited to have Artosis, Smix and iNcontroL, who were staples of DreamHack Open 2013 returning to help kick off DreamHack Open in style this year. As well as DeMusliM joining them, who is a relatively new face to DreamHack Open, but can help provide the perspective of a Terran player, which is so often missed. Throughout the tournament we will make the effort to invite any players who are interested to briefly join the panel to contribute to the discussion. Lastly it is a rare opportunity that Artosis' partner-in-crime Tasteless pokes his head out from Korea to attend an international event, but we believe he is the perfect fit to tie this panel together and provide some humour along the way! Alexandre "FunKa" Verrier will be another new comer to DreamHack open, playing the role of in-game observer to make sure none of the action is missed. It is also with some regret that after commentating the last 18 consecutive events hosted by DreamHack for StarCraft® II, Shaun "Apollo" Clark will not be attending, as he will be in Australia for his brother's wedding, we wish him and his family all the best and look forward to having him back for DreamHack Summer!

    Broadcast Schedule
    For those planning to tune in online, the group stages will play out on April 26th, beginning at 10:00 EET, lasting until approximately 22:00 EET. From here the playoffs occur on April 27th, with the round of 16 beginning at 12:00 EET, and the famous DreamHack Open top 8 show starting off at 17:00 EET with a scheduled start time for the grand finals of 00:15 EET. Note that all times are subject to change. The livestream will take place at http://www.twitch.tv/dreamhacksc2 and SVT will be providing coverage for the Swedish audience as well.

    DreamHack Open 2014
    To get caught up on all the information featured in last week's DreamHack Open 2014 announcement, check out the original news post here.
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