Bucharest Players

With DreamHack Open's first stop in Bucharest just around the corner on April 26th and 27th, we are now ready to release an updated player list. For the tournament in Bucharest, the format will now be locked to 80 players, with some open competitor slots still remaining to be taken, 48 players will be seeded into the second group stage, and 32 unseeded players will compete for 16 slots to join them. The official broadcast will begin alongside the second group stage, and the third group stage will be stretched out to show even more of the best matches than DreamHack Open has featured before. Read more about the format towards the end of this news post.

Joining the previously announced players which can be found here, will be many players that fans will be eager to see. Topping the list is two of the current top KeSPA Proleague players, KT Rolster's TY and Samsung Galaxy's RorO . DreamHack Bucharest will be TYís debut at a major StarCraft II event outside Korea, currently with the highest win % in Proleague and a 13-4 record, TY will no doubt be a force to be reckoned with. Right beside him is RorO, with a record 12-4 record in Proleague, RorO may be the favoured Zerg player to go deep even when compared to the already announced competitors of Jaedong, Leenock and Life. Alongside these two, Terran fans will be happy to know that Team Acer will also be sending their INnoVation to bolster the Terran lineup. Team Liquid have opted to send more players as well, with Ret and Snute joining the lineup, and Axiomís Ryung will have his teammate Impact also joining the competition.


Team Spectre Xsnac (P)
Team Liquid Snute (Z)
Team Liquid Ret (Z)
Team Acer INnoVation (T)
Night Creatures sSak (T)
Imaginary Gaming TargA (Z)
Stareagle (T)
Samsung Khan RorO (Z)
KT Rolster TY (T)
Axiom Impact (Z)

They will join the previously announced players:
mYinsanity ABomB (P)
Team Spectre AlaStOr (Z)
Team Spectre Ancestor (P)
e-Star SC2 Botvinnik (T)
Team Liquid Bunny (T)
Darkthorn Darkthorn (Z)
Balkan Bears DaZe (P)
CSI Destructicon (T)
Punchline ESC Firecake (Z)
First (P)
Alien Invasion Golden (Z)
Fnatic Harstem (P)
Team Liquid HerO (P)
e-Star SC2 Hobbit (T)
Evil Geniuses HuK (P)
Team Roccat HyuN (Z)
Evil Geniuses Jaedong (Z)
Punchline ESC jeysen (P)
mYinsanity jjakji (T)
NewRoSoft KrasS (T)
yoe Flash Wolves Leenock (Z)
Startale Life (Z)
XMG Lilbow (P)
Team Liquid MaNa (P)
MC (P)
Balkan Bears MoonBeam (P)
Team PropertyBB2 MorroW (T)
Dragon Slayer Narcotic (T)
NewRoSoft NightEnD (P)
mYinsanity Niroxs (Z)
Punk Nogard (Z)
okhydra (Z)
Alien Invasion Patience (P)
mYinsanity PengWin (Z)
Vega Squadron Revolver (Z)
mYinsanity Reynor (Z)
Intelectual Minds robertiagar (P)
NewRoSoft Roof (Z)
Axiom Ryung (T)
XMG SaltTheWound (Z)
mYinsanity Serral (Z)
XMG Socke (P)
Team Spectre SpiriT (T)
RuW stakimaN (Z)
mYinsanity StarDust (P)
Team Liquid TLO (Z)
AT Gaming uThermal (T)
Gerich Verdi (P)
Balkan Bears Warbsky (T)
NewRoSoft Welmu (P)
YoDa (T)
Fnatic Zanster (Z)
Zeny (P)
Team Menace ZhuGeLiang (Z)


There are still competitor slots left for players to sign up, Details regarding competitor passes as well as attending live can be found here. If you require assistance please email sc2@dreamhack.se. With 80 slots for competitors, the DreamHack Open format will be modified slightly, with 48 players seeded directly into group stage 2, and 32 players will be competing in 8 groups in the first group stage to join those seeded.
Additionally, unfortunately Kas has withdrawn from the tournament and will not be competing.


DreamHack Open Bucharest will begin on April 26th and conclude on April 27th, all the action will be streamed live on http://www.twitch.tv/dreamhacksc2, check back tomorrow for a full schedule of the tournament as well as all the community streams that will be helping cover the massive amount of group stage matches!

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