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Scarlett, MC, MMA, ForGG and more to DreamHack Open Summer!

DreamHack Open returns on June 14-16th with the second stop of the year, and today we are proud to announce the final competitor list alongside our partners, EIZO, HyperX, Razer and Monster Energy for the event.

The newly added players to round out the 96 competitors for the event include some very exciting names. The Korean hit squad who have transplanted themselves to Germany will be back to DreamHack Open once again, with MC, YoDa, First, Golden and Patience all coming to DreamHack Summer. Terran fans will also be excited to hear that two of the biggest Terran superstars MMA and ForGG, will be in attendance. Fan favourite Protoss players White-Ra and Harstem are joining the competition too. A new challenger to DreamHack Open will also be in competing, and that is Acer's Scarlett. Considered by many to be the top non-Korean StarCraft II player, Liquid's Snute has lately made a very strong case that he is in fact the best non-Korea, at DreamHack Open Scarlett will be looking to take that title back for herself.

The newly announced competitors are listed below:
Property Cytoplasm (Z)
Diffe (P)
Punchline FireCake (Z)
First (P)
Millenium ForGG (T)
Alien invasion Golden (Z)
Fnatic Harstem (P)
Köse (P)
Newrosoft KrasS (T)
Alien Invasion Lillekanin (T)
Millenium MaddeLisk (Z)
Millenium MarineLorD (T)
MC (P)
Acer MMA (T)
Alien Invasion Patience (P)
yoe San (P)
Acer Scarlett (Z)
Tt eSPORTS White-Ra (P)
YoDa (T)

Unfortunately Dear, ProfiX and Welmu have informed us they will be unable to participate and have been removed.

They previously announced players are listed below:
Millenium Dayshi (T)
Drunken Dragon ApoligiZe (T)
Team Darkstar Avokado (T)
mYinsanity Balloon (R)
Beravia (Z)
Team Darkstar Bloop (T)
Team Liquid Bunny (T)
Buzz (P)
CobraVenom (P)
Crown (T)
Team Darkstar DaaX (Z)
Evil Geniuses DeMusliM (T)
Duja (P)
Evil Geniuses Thorzain (T)
Nuit Blanche Elroye (Z)
Team Darkstar FeMo (Z)
Flubz (Z)
Team Suecia Vincere Ghost (P)
AT Gaming Giant (P)
Grannen (P)
Vortex Esports Hantypen (T)
Team Liquid HerO (P)
Evil Geniuses HuK (P)
Team Xperience Icy (Z)
Vortex Esports Ideaus (Z)
iRRe (Z)
ESC Gaming JackO (P)
Evil Geniuses Jaedong (Z)
mYinsanity Jjakji (T)
AT Gaming Jona (Z)
XGEEKS Julianna (Z)
kju (Z)
Darkstar Lampan (Z)
XGeeks Luxus (P)
Team Darkstar Mafarazzo (P)
Team Liquid MaNa (P)
Team Property Mekar (P)
Team Property MorroW (T)
mTm MrTyCo (T)
Team Darkstar Multi (P)
Karnage-eSports Namshar (Z)
mYinsanity Niroxs (Z)
Planetkey Dynamics Oz (P)
AT-Gaming Pattex (Z)
mYinsanity PengWin (Z)
Team Exile5 PiG (Z)
BX3 PikA (Z)
Team Darkstar Prospect (Z)
Rake (P)
Team Property RunA (P)
Karnage eSports Sandshrew (T)
mYinsanity Serral (Z)
ESC ShoWTimE (P)
Xpertz@TotalCaos ShupAs (P)
ECVisualize Sjaak (P)
ECVisualize Snovski (P)
Team Property Snuffe (Z)
Team Liquid Snute (Z)
XMG Socke (P)
ROOT Gaming SolO (Z)
Alliance SortOf (Z)
mYinsanity StarDust (P)
Team Property StarNaN (P)
Team Liquid TaeJa (T)
Dignitas Tefel (Z)
Maegis Thalandros (Z)
BERTA Tjej (T)
Team Liquid TLO (Z)
NoN-eSports Toki (P)
Tropic (Z)
AT Gaming uThermal (T)
whitefenix (Z)
ECVisualize Winter (Z)
Fnatic Zanster (Z)

If you won’t be playing, be sure not to miss any of the action which will be streamed live on Stay tuned to and @DreamHackOpen for the groups and more as the event draws closer!
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