First Players at Moscow

DreamHack Moscow is quickly approaching, taking place September 13-14th and today alongside EIZO, HyperX, Razer and Monster Energy we are excited to release the first round of participants for the event! DreamHack Open Moscow will be the largest StarCraft II tournament ever to take place in Russia, and we are very excited to host it; as one can see below, the Russian interest in the event has been huge, as almost all the players are Russian signed up so far! Tons of new names are listed, but also old favourites that fans often don't get to see as much as they might like. Happy, LiveZerg, and sLivko will all be home crowd favourites with a big chance to win. Outside the massive amount of Russian participants, Alien Invasion will be representing, with both Golden and Patience in attendance.

Stay tuned to as in the coming weeks the remaining players will be released! It is still possible to signup if you would like to participate now so get your name in here before it is too late!

Current Competitors:
ETst bazz (P)
Couguar (P)
Roxkis Creed (T)
HDGame Easy (Z)
Elmatador (T)
7x EnigmA (P)
EvilNW (T)
GPavel (P)
HDGame gSom (P)
Empire Happy (T)
Huligan (P)
Spirit of Ural Încréasè (P)
Kolobok (P)
Lefort (Z)
VegaSquadron LiveZerg (Z)
Lomany (P)
ReG LuckyGnom (T)
RuW Ludasha (T)
Monolith MindelVK (P)
EndlessStorm (P)
RuW Noname (T)
Omni (P)
Outbreak (Z)
Quasar (T)
Revolver (Z)
Rose (T)
HDGame RusZerg (Z)
PCCCP Sambotto (Z)
Era sLivko (Z)
Vega SpellSinger (P)
TiMmi (Z)
Wnight (P)
WoolenFish (Z)
Menace ZhuGeLiang (Z)
Punchline! Jeysen (P)
Alien Invasion Golden (Z)
Alien Invasion Patience (P)
Coolermaster Ghost (P)
isIMBA itZpersonal (P)
Cascade Adonminus (P)
Hades (T)
RoB KrastyKrabs (Z)
Esselta Hotspur (Z)
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