Moscow Full Competitors

Stork, MMA, HyuN, Snute and more are coming to Moscow!

DreamHack Open Moscow is quickly approaching, with just under 2 weeks until the competition is underway, and today alongside our partners, EIZO, HyperX, Razer and Monster Energy we are excited to release the full competitor list, which has quickly become a very stacked tournament, including many players looking to earn as many WCS points as possible, as the WCS Global Finals at BlizzCon draw closer. Snute, MMA, Solar, and Welmu are all players who are still in the running to qualify to BlizzCon, and a deep run in Moscow could be make or break for them. Looking to take those points for themselves, alongside a piece of the $25,000 prize pool, and 4 slots to DreamHack Winter are some heavy hitters though, including Stork, Dear, Hyun, Life, YoDa and many more! Be sure to tune in live on September 13-14th to find out who will be crowned the fourth DreamHack Open champion of the year!

Full competitor list:
Esselta Hotspur (Z)
Imaginary Gaming TargA (Z)
Team Liquid Snute (Z)
7x EnigmA (P)
Empire Happy (T)
Empire Hobot (Z)
Empire Zerg (P)
Era sLivko (Z)
ETst bazz (P)
Ascalon Gaming BratOK (T)
HDGame Easy (Z)
HDGame gSom (P)
HDGame RusZerg (Z)
Monolith MindelVK (P)
PCCCP Sambotto (Z)
ReG LuckyGnom (T)
RoX.KIS Creed (T)
RuW Ludasha (T)
RuW Noname (T)
Spirit of Ural Încréasè (P)
AvaTaR (P)
Vega Squadron KingCobra (P)
Vega Squadron LiveZerg (Z)
Vega Squadron SpellSinger (P)
Couguar (P)
Elmatador (T)
EndlessStorm (P)
EvilNW (T)
Huligan (P)
Kolobok (P)
Lefort (Z)
Lomany (P)
Omni (P)
Outbreak (Z)
Quasar (T)
Revolver (Z)
Rose (T)
Wnight (P)
WoolenFish (Z)
Acer Bly (Z)
Cascade Kas (T)
fraer (P)
Hades (T)
Newrosoft Welmu (P)
mYinsanity Serral (Z)
PekkaPekka elfi (P)
Team Menace ZhuGeLiang (Z)
Acer MMA (T)
Alien invasion Golden (Z)
Alien invasion Patience (P)
mYinsanity Jjakji (T)
Planetkey Dynamics Oz (P)
True (Z)
Samsung Galaxy Khan Dear (P)
Samsung Galaxy Khan Solar (Z)
Samsung Galaxy Khan Stork (P)
StarTale Life (Z)
TCM First (P)
TCM Yoda (T)
Wayi Spider Daisy (P)
BBoongBBoong (Z)
Cascade Adonminus (P)

Be sure to tune in on September 13-14th to catch all the action live, streamed on Stay tuned to @DreamHackOpen on twitter, and for more news to come regarding DreamHack Open Moscow, including the commentary lineup, tournament schedule and groups which will be released in the coming days as the event draws closer! If you would like to attend DreamHack Moscow, find full details on tickets here, attending is free so if you're in the area be sure to visit!
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