Moscow Groups Announced

DreamHack has arrived to Moscow and Russia for it's first event in the region thanks to our great partners EIZO, HyperX, Razer and Monster Energy. StarCraft II fans are ready for some great action and today we can reveal the groups. All 64 players have been seeded into the first group stage where 32 will move on to the second group stage which leads to the single elimination 16 player bracket.
The broadcast from DreamHack Moscow at Stadium Live and Monster Energy DreamHack Studios in Stockholm begins at 09:45 local time(+4 GMT and +2 CEST) with the first group stage live at so be sure to tune in then! Guiding you through all the matches and the StarCraft II action will be no other than Richard Lewis Apollo, mOOnGLaDe, ToD and live from Moscow Smix will bring you all the action from Moscow, read more about the talent for Moscow over here.

The following players have sadly cancelled their participation Stork, Solar, Life and Dear. They will be replaced by Delilah, Antik, Aling, and MefISTo.

Group Stage 1 Group A-H starts 10:00

Players can check-in and setup at 9:15am local time, please enter through the VIP entrance

Group Stage 1 Group I-P starts 14:30

Players can start to setup 13:30

Group A
Spirit of Ural Încréasè (P)
RuW Ludasha (T)
Team Liquid Snute (Z)
Empire Zerg (P)

Group B
Acer Bly (Z)
7x EnigmA (P)
Vega Squadron KingCobra (P)
Vega Squadron SpellSinger (P)

Group C
Cascade progaming MefISTo (P)
Outbreak (Z)
Alien invasion Patience (P)
Imaginary Gaming TargA (Z)

Group D
Cascade Adonminus (P)
Antik (P)
Omni (P)

Group E
ETst bazz (P)
hobot Delilah (Z)
PekkaPekka elfi (P)

Group F
AvaTaR (P)
Fighters BratOK (T)
Couguar (P)
TCM First (P)

Group G
mYinsanity Serral (Z)
HDGame gSom (P)
PCCCP Sambotto (Z)
TCM Yoda (T)

Group H
Cascade Kas (T)
RuW Noname (T)
HDGame RusZerg (Z)

Group I
HDGame Easy (Z)
Elmatador (T)
Planetkey Dynamics Oz (P)
Revolver (Z)

Group J
KpeHgeJlb (P)
mYinsanity jjakji (T)
Quasar (T)
Rose (T)

Group K
Esselta Hotspur (Z)
Huligan (P)
Vega Squadron LiveZerg (Z)
Acer MMA (T)

Group L
Wayi Spider Daisy (P)
Kolobok (P)
ReG LuckyGnom (T)
Team Menace ZhuGeLiang (Z)

Group M
EndlessStorm (P)
fraer (P)
Lomany (P)
Newrosoft Welmu (P)

Group N
BBoongBBoong (Z)
Lefort (Z)
Era sLivko (Z)
WoolenFish (Z)

Group O
Empire Happy (T)
Empire Hobot (Z)
Monolith MindelVK (P)
Wnight (P)

Group P
RoX.KIS Creed (T)
EvilNW (T)
Alien invasion Golden (Z)
Cascade.1xb Aling (T)
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