Stockholm Competitor List

DreamHack Open Stockholm is arranged 26-27 September at Ericsson Globe & Annexet in Globe Arenas. The Ericsson Globe is the national indoor arena of Sweden and also holy ground for eSport fans since tournaments like EIZO Open, DreamHack Open and the European Finals of StarCraft II World Championship Series in 2012. Today alongside our partners, EIZO, HyperX, Razer and Monster Energy we are excited to release the full list of competitors who will fight for extremely valuable WCS points, $25,000 prize pool and final four slots to the DreamHack Open $75,000 Grand Finals at DreamHack Winter 2014.

DreamHack Open Stockholm 2014 sure will be an tournament to attend and follow live. One and two day tickets are availble now from 160 SEK. Buy your's now at

Full competitor list:
Exile5 PiG (Z)
Livibee (Z)
Esselta Hotspur (Z)
EG HuK (P)
mYinsanity Kane (Z)
OG rainCzar (P)
RedBloods Ignite (P)
RedBloods Lillekanin (T)
RedBloods SpaceMarine (P)
Team Liquid Bunny (T)
Karnage Esports Calt (T)
Newrosoft Welmu (P)
Team Menace ZhuGeLiang (Z)
Millenium Dayshi (T)
Millenium MarineLorD (T)
Nuit Blanche PtitDrogo (P)
Punchline! jeysen (P)
XMG Lilbow (P)
Leipzig eSports TheBigOne (T)
LES MilLoRd (Z)
RedBloods HaNfy (Z)
Team Liquid TLO (Z)
XMG Socke (P)
mYinsanity Reynor (Z)
Acer MMA (T)
Alien Invasion Golden (Z)
Alien Invasion Patience (P)
Axiom Ryung (T)
CJ Entus herO (P)
CMStorm Polt (T)
Dead Pixels True (Z)
EG Jaedong (Z)
Millenium ForGG (T)
mYinsanity Jjakji (T)
mYinsanity Sacsri (Z)
Planetkey Dynamics Oz (P)
Samsung Galaxy Solar (Z)
SK Telecom T1 Classic (P)
SK Telecom T1 soO (Z)
StarTale Life (Z)
TCM Gaming First (P)
TCM Gaming TCM_YoDa (T)
Team Liquid HerO (P)
yoeFW Leenock (Z)
MC (P)
AT Gaming Jona (Z)
AT Gaming uThermal (T)
Team Liquid Ret (Z)
Grubby (P)
JayPower (P)
Imaginary Gaming TargA (Z)
ROOT Gaming SolO (Z)
Team Liquid Snute (Z)
Teamkjeks Triaz (Z)
Vortex Esports Hantypen (T)
Millenium DieStar (T)
Team Liquid MaNa (P)
mYinsanity Blysk (P)
Alpha eSport Gaming BomBur (Z)
DucK SpaceDucK (P)
Fnatic Miniraser (Z)
Karnage-eSports Namshar (Z)
Millenium MaddeLisk (Z)
mYinsanity QueenE (P)
mYinsanity Winter (Z)
No Dice Gaming Crowbar (Z)
PwF Bubbas (P)
PwF Groet (P)
Team Cooler Master Ghost (P)
Team Darkstar Bloop (T)
Team Darkstar FeMo (Z)
Team Darkstar Mafarazzo (P)
Team Property Mekar (P)
Team Property MorroW (T)
Team Property Skinky (Z)
Team Property StarNaN (P)
WAVECM Köttplockarn (Z)
Goldhead (Z)
Mellanmjölk (Z)
MrBadExample (T)
SortOf (Z)
Thejoniz (P)
Tropic (Z)
Wanji (T)
whitefenix (Z)
Zanster (Z)
mYinsanity PengWin (Z)
mYinsanity Zervas (Z)
Romandy Gaming BreakYa (Z)
EG DeMusliM (T)
Leipzig Esports Webby (Z)
We Like Cookies Gowerly (P)
ViBE (Z)

Be sure to tune in on September 26-27th to catch all the action live, streamed on Stay tuned to @DreamHackOpen on twitter, and for more news to come regarding DreamHack Open Stockholm, including the commentary lineup, tournament schedule and groups which will be released in the coming days as the event draws closer! If you would like to attend DreamHack Stockholm 2014, find full details on tickets and more info is available at
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