The full lineup for SC2 in Stockholm

Today we are announcing the full lineup of StarCraft II players for DreamHack Open Stockholm. The lineup of 96 players who will take part in our fourth DreamHack Open event of the year, will see a few players in the running to secure the last possible WCS points for the rankings, to secure their spot at Blizzcon

We've earlier presented the first 70 players for Stockholm, in this full lineup announcement, we have added hot shots from around the world, making the lineup for next week's event one you do not want to miss. Check out the full lineup below.

DreamHack Open Stockholm STARCRAFT II LINEUP

Balance Witnesses Tocon (T)
Cyclic Chendar (Z)
Cyclic HeltEn (T)
Cyclic Ramses (Z)
DeadPixels Elroye (Z)
DeadPixels FanTaSy (T)
DeadPixels TRUE (Z)
DgPx Gerald (P)
DucK SpaceDucK (P)
ECVisualize Cladorhiza (Z)
ECVisualize Fazz (Z)
ECVisualize Hantypen (T)
ECVisualize InZaNe (T)
ECVisualize POX (P)
ECVisualize Scythe (T)
Evil Geniuses HuK (P)
Evil Geniuses Jaedong (Z)
Expert Gaming Civi (Z)
Ghost UnIt MrWhisper (Z)
Invasion-esport Harstem (P)
Invasion-esport Lambo (Z)
Invasion-esport miniraser (Z)
Invasion-Sbenu Curious (Z)
Invasion-Sbenu Leenock (Z)
isIMBA Miszu.671 (T)
JinairGreenWings sOs (P)
Karnage eSports Evire (P)
Karnage eSports Namshar (Z)
Karnage eSports PuPu (Z)
Kompis WAWWSamet (P)
Luminosity Gaming dead Random
MiA Cheeseking (P)
Millenium forGG (T)
mYinsanity PengWin (Z)
mYinsanity Ptitdrogo (P)
mYinsanity Reynor (Z)
mYinsanity Serral (Z)
mYinsanity Winter (Z)
mYinsanity Zervas (Z)
mYinsanity Rain (P)
mYinsanity Sacsri (Z)
Nuit Blanche Basior (T)
Nuit Blanche Damrud (Z)
Nuit Blanche hinO (Z)
Redbloods Snovski (P)
Redbloods Academy PappiJoe (P)
Romandy Gaming FunK (P)
ROOT Gaming iaguz (T)
ROOT Gaming Revolution (Z)
ROOT Gaming SolO (Z)
Samsung Galaxy Armani (Z)
Samsung Galaxy Hurricane (P)
Samsung Galaxy solar (Z)
Samsung Galaxy Reality (T)
SK Telecom T1 Dark (Z)
Team Darkstar Multi (P)
Team EnVyUs Violet (Z)
Team Extreme Supremacy Elazer (Z)
Team Finland elfi (P)
Team Finland Welmu (P)
Team Kjeks Celadon (T)
Team Kjeks Gimme (P)
Team Kjeks NomaK[ASD] (Z)
Team Kjeks Reaver (P)
Team Kjeks Triaz (Z)
Team Liquid HerO (P)
Team Liquid MaNa (P)
Team Liquid Snute (Z)
Team Menace ZhuGeLiang (Z)
Team Property MorroW (T)
Team Property naniwa (P)
Team Property Mekar (P)
Team Property StarNaN (P)
Team Property Wanji (T)
Team Property Zanster (Z)
Team Spectre gamja (Z)
True e-sport Guru (Z)
Mouse Control Jona (Z)
Vination eSports e.V. Ziggy (T)
BomBur/strafe (Z)
Delking (P)
DeMusliM (T)
MeThoDv2 (P)
NightOwl (Z)
Rodzyn (P)
SortOf (Z)
ThePianoDentist (T)
Zoxx (T)
Aggression (T)
Apocalypse (T)
FoXeR (P)
frozz (T)
Krusen (T)
SpaceMarine (P)

These 96 players from around the world will be taking the trip to the Swedish capital, where $25,000 and 4,000 WCS points will be on the line. The schedule for the two days can be found below.

dreamhack open stockholm schedule

All times listed in local time, CEST
Thursday, September 24th - Played from Inferno Online Södermalm
11:30 - RO96 - 1/2
12:30 - RO96 - 3/4
13:30 - RO96 - 5
15:30 - RO64 - R1 (BO3)
16:30 - RO64 - R2 (BO3)
17:30 - RO64 - R3 (BO3)
18:30 - RO32 (BO3)
19:30 - RO16: Match A (BO3)
20:30 - RO16: Match B (BO3)
21:30 - RO16: Match C (BO3)
22:30 - RO16: Match D (BO3)

DreamHack will bring you four of the RO16 matches, while we will have a community streamer bringing you the other four.

Friday, September 25th - Played from Annexet Globe Arenas
13:00 - Pre-show
13:15 - RO8 starts (all matches BO5)
19:15 - RO4 starts (all matches BO5)
22:30 - Grand Final (BO5)

Groups for DreamHack Open Stockholm, as well as the broadcast talent will be announced early next week.


For Friday, Annexet Globe Arenas will be the arena to feature the Final 8 show. Fans wanting to come can do so by purchasing tickets by going here.
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