Schedule and format for the next CS:GO Major

In less than two weeks, Sala Polivalentă will open its doors as DreamHack Open Cluj-Napoca begins and the next CS:GO Major will start to unfold. Today we present you with the full schedule and format for the five-day event in Cluj-Napoca, which will be brought to you by DreamHack and PGL. The world’s best CS:GO teams are getting ready to travel to Romania to compete in the next CS:GO Major which is happening at DreamHack Open Cluj-Napoca, running 28th of October to 1st of November at Sala Polivalentă.

New and improved format

- One broadcast covering all matches, every single match will be covered by the official broadcast
- One extra day of CS:GO. DreamHack Open Cluj-Napoca will feature five tournament days

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DreamHack Open Cluj-Napoca will run over 5 days, with the first day taking place on October 28th when the initial group stage matches will be played. On October 28th, the venue will remain closed for the public. From October 29th to November 1st, all matches will be played on stage, in front of a cheering crowd.

CS:GO fans from around the world will be able to watch matches for free via the official live broadcast by DreamHack and PGL, as well as additional languages, in-game via GOTV and on site in person for ticketholders.

Read on for the full five-day schedule of DreamHack Open Cluj-Napoca, as well as its format.


DreamHack Open Cluj-Napoca will begin in a traditional group stage, consisting of 4 groups of 4 teams. The first team to win two matches in a row advances to the playoffs as first seed. The team to advance through the decider match will obtain second seed for the playoffs.

The playoffs will see teams advancing as first seed out of their group, go up against teams advancing from their respective groups as second seed. Teams who were in the same group would only be able to meet again in the grand final.

The group stage stage will be played best-of-one map, except for the decider match, which is to be played best-of-three maps. Once reaching the playoffs, all matches will be played best-of-three maps. On top of this, there will be no matches happening simultaneously.

Choosing this format was done to ensure that viewers have the opportunity to watch all matches, as well as competing teams and players have the equal amount of matches per day.


All times listed in local time, GMT+2

Wednesday, 28th of October
No public entrance possible
10:20 - Show start
11:00 - Group A - WB #1
12:25 - Group A - WB #2
13:50 - Group B - WB #1
15:15 - Group B - WB #2
16:40 - Group C - WB #1
18:05 - Group C - WB #2
19:30 - Group D - WB #1
20:55 - Group D - WB #2

Thursday, 29th of October
10:00 - Doors open
10:20 - Show start
11:00 - Group A - Elimination Match
12:25 - Group B - Elimination Match
13:50 - Group C - Elimination Match
15:15 - Group D - Elimination Match
16:40 - Group A - Winner’s Match
18:05 - Group B - Winner’s Match
19:30 - Group C - Winner’s Match
20:55 - Group D - Winner’s Match

Friday, 30th of October
10:00 - Doors open
10:20 - Show start
11:00 - Group A - Decider Match
14:00 - Group B - Decider Match
17:00 - Group C - Decider Match
20:00 - Group D - Decider Match

Saturday, 31st of October
09:30 - Doors open
10:20 - Show start
11:00 - Quarter-final #1
14:00 - Quarter-final #2
17:00 - Quarter-final #3
20:00 - Quarter-final #4

Sunday, 1st of November
09:30 - Doors open
11:20 - Show start
12:00 - Semi-final #1
15:00 - Semi-final #2
19:00 - Grand Final


You can still get tickets for this spectacular event. For the four days of CS:GO action in Sala Polivalentă, fans wanting to come can do so by purchasing tickets by going here. More information about travel and hotel for the event can be found by going here.
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