SC2: Sign-up and qualifiers

Yesterday we announced that DreamHack Open Leipzig StarCraft II will become the first WCS Circuit Event 5,000 with $50,000 in total prize pool and 8 regional passport qualifiers with paid travel & accommodation alongside 88 open slots for competitors to attend onsite. Here are the details on how to participate.

In one month the first DreamHack Leipzig begins (22-24 January in Germany). It will also be the first DreamHack Open stop of 2016 which is featuring the first WCS Circuit Event 5,000 of the year. Below is all the information needed to sign-up and participate and match your skills in StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void.

Online Qualifiers

In co-operation with Blizzard Entertainment DreamHack will organise regional citizenship locked qualifiers in which eight competitors will be able to win travel, accommodation and entrance fully paid to DreamHack Leipzig to compete for $50,000 in prize pool and 5,000 WCS points.

The qualifiers for all regions will take place on the 2nd and 3rd of January in most regions, and the 9th of January for the EU and NA region. Each qualifier is single elimination. See the binary beast link for the start time in local time. Note that while DreamHack Open Leipzig is open for all WCS-eligible players, each of these qualifiers is locked based on citizenship within a country of the qualifier's region.

Europe - DreamHack Open Leipzig EU Passport Qualifiers -> Sign-up here (top 2 qualify)
January 9th.
North America - DreamHack Open Leipzig NA Passport Qualifiers Sign-up here (top 2 qualify)
January 9nd.
Latin America - DreamHack Open Leipzig LATAM Passport Qualifiers Sign-up here (winner qualifies)
January 2nd.
Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau - DreamHack Open Leipzig TW Passport Qualifiers Sign-up here (winner qualifies)
January 3rd.
Chinese - DreamHack Open Leipzig CN Passport Qualifiers Sign-up here (winner qualifies)
January 3rd.
Oceania, Southeast Asia, Japan - DreamHack Open Leipzig ANZ/SEA Passport Qualifiers Sign-up here (winner qualifies)
January 3rd.

Open Sign-ups

DreamHack Open 2016 continues as an open competition where anyone can participate. Make sure to sign-up today, first come, first serve. The eight players qualified plus 24 players sign-up will be seeded top 32 into the second group stage. The other 64 will play in the first group stage. Detailed information and schedule will come soon, the competition starts early on Friday the 22nd of January.

To be able to participate in DreamHack Open Leipzig StarCraft II you need the following:
a) Be eligible to compete in WCS Circuit Events, read more here.
b) You need to have signed up in the form below.
c) You need to be accepted as eligible and receive an email confirming your slot in the tournament. (There are 88 open slots, any further signups will be placed on the waitlist).
d) Purchase a DreamHack Leipzig visitor ticket (€40-48) to enter the event and play in the tournament. Tickets purchased at

Visit DreamHack Leipzig

Make sure you don’t miss out on the first DreamHack Leipzig. Even if you’re not planning to compete in a tournament, bring your computer or come along as a visitor, experience DreamHack in person, and enjoy some great esports! Tickets available at DreamHack Leipzig.


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