Starcraft 2 Player Announcement

Today we are announcing the full lineup of StarCraft II players for DreamHack ZOWIE Open Leipzig. The lineup of 96 players who will take part in our first DreamHack ZOWIE Open event of the year. They will compete for 50.000$ and 5.000 WCS points.

The first stop of DreamHack ZOWIE Open will be hosted at DreamHack Leipzig, DreamHack’s first ever event in Germany, The StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void tournament will be the first event of the year in the official WCS Circuit in partnership with Blizzard Entertainment, and will feature 96 competitors from around the globe competing over a $50,000 prize purse! Be sure to tune in this January 22-24th to catch all the action streamed live.

Player list

Romandy Gaming HateMe (Z)
Ecko Esports Probe (P)
Root Gaming Kelazhur (T)
oldman (T)
CheeseKing (P)
MiA frozz (T)
Team Extreme Supremacy Alphard (P)
Team Extreme Supremacy Diord (T)
Team Extreme Supremacy Exehn (P)
Team Extreme Supremacy gropheR (Z)
Team Extreme Supremacy Jeal (P)
Team Extreme Supremacy Mark (Z)
Team Extreme Supremacy Vincent (Z)
ECVisualize JackO (P)
Galactic Gaming Nat (Z)
Sioras (Z)
Leipzig eSports copyleft (Z)
xaer (Z)
Team Extreme Supremacy Beastyqt (T)
Oberyn (P)
Brave heart NICE (P)
Acer Bly (Z)
DeMusliM (T)
Gowerly (P)
SC2Improve Wardí (T)
cloudM DogofWar (P)
Neeb (P)
Gravity SirRobin (Z)
State (P)
APSC2 Botvinnik (T)
Dead Pixels Majestic (P)
TES GerichRail (P)
AT Gaming uThermal (T)
ECVisualize Scythe (T)
Team Liquid Snute (Z)
Nuit Blanche basior (T)
Team Extreme Supremacy Elazer (Z)
Team Liquid MaNa (P)
Team Acer Nerchio (Z)
dignitas Tefel (Z)
Dead Pixels Elroye (Z)
mYinsanity PengWin (Z)
mYinsanity Zervas (Z)
TeamLiquid Bunny (T)
Have (Z)
Team Redbloods Lillekanin (T)
Team Redbloods PappiJoe (P)
ECVisualize POX (P)
RedBloods(RBpro) SpaceMarine (P)
Team Redbloods WPz (P)
Protosser (Z)
mYinsanity Serral (Z)
Welmu (P)
Team Menace ZhuGeLiang (Z)
Millenium Dayshi (T)
Firecake (Z)
Nuit Blanche hinO (Z)
millenium lilbow (P)
Millenium Marinelord (T)
Against All Authority MiNiMaTh (Z)
mYinsanity PtitDrogo (P)
CptWobbles (T)
Devo (Z)
myRisk eonblu (Z)
Erbsenkopf (Z)
AT Gaming FeaR (P)
Deadly Gaming FurY (Z)
ESC Gaming GoOdin (P)
Cougar-eSports Holly (P)
Euronics Gaming HolyHit (P)
ECVisualize InZaNe (T)
Crazy Forces Jonic (P)
myRisk Miezekotze (Z)
Leipzig eSports MilLorD (Z)
Monty (P)
Prototype Össy (Z)
Vination PrimeLoT (P)
Cyclic Pyloss (P)
Millenium ShoWTimE (P)
TerenZ (Z)
TheBigOne (T)
Leipzig eSports Thor (T)
Thorontir (P)
Team Liquid TLO (Z)
Karnage eSports VitamiN (Z)
Zetter (P)
ROOT Gaming hydra (Z)
Envyus viOLet (Z)
Property MorroW (P)
Karnage eSports Namshar (Z)
Property SortOf (Z)
EG HuK (P)
Acer Shura (Z)
Note: iAsonu forfeited his spot to play in GPL.

Tournament Format

Competitors: 96 through open signups

Tournament Structure: Players will be seeded into two major groups, the top 32 and the bottom 64. The top 32 will be seeded directly into the 2nd group stage. The bottom 64 will compete in the first group stage in which the winners from each group will advance to the second group stage. The RO96 and RO64 will be played as a group stage. The remaining matches will all be played single elimination. All matches will be played as BO3 with the top 32 and onwards played as best of 5 to end it with a best of 7 Grand Finals.

Group Stage Format: All group matches will be played using the Dual Tournament (GSL format). Top 2 players advance after the 5 matches.

DreamHack ZOWIE Open Leipzig will be the first WCS 5000 Circuit Event of 2016, with 5,000 WCS points up for grabs and a great prize pool of $50,000. The event will feature a traditional DreamHack ZOWIE Open format—96 gamers will be split into two groups, before the top 32 overall players from each initial group stage move into a second group stage. The tournament will then conclude in a RO32 single elimination stage until we have crowned a new DreamHack ZOWIE Open Champion.

Tournament name: DreamHack ZOWIE Open Leipzig - StarCraft II
Event: DreamHack Leipzig 2016
Dates: 22-24th January 2016
Venue: The Leipzig Trade Fair
Game: StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void
Prize Pool:
1. $16,000
2. $8,000
3-4. $5,000
5-8. $2,000
9-16. $1,000
March 28
2 days ago
March 27
3 days ago
March 23
6 days ago
March 20
9 days ago
March 17
12 days ago
March 16
13 days ago