Changes to the CS:GO rulebook

The DreamHack CS:GO rulebook sees changes made for 2016, following discussions with other tournament organizers and feedback received from the professional players around the world.

The changes announced today will affect all DreamHack CS:GO tournaments and qualifiers, and will be in effect immediately. These changes are made with other tournament organizers, who will also change their rules to keep it unified across all tournaments in 2016. Feedback from the professional players is also an important factor, and thus we've listened and implemented feedback from the players union.

The rulebook will see the following changes made:

Round and bomb timers

The round and bomb timer will be updated as at the end of last year Valve announced that they would change them for all upcoming Valve-supported events (Minors and Majors). To keep them unified across all tournaments we’ll be updating them to the new values. New round time will be 1:55 and the new bomb timer 0:40.


There were quite a few discussions about the deathcam within the last months in the community. After we internally discussed those changes as well as talking about them with players we agreed that it would be time to shorten the deathcam. Therefore we’ll shorten it down to 2 seconds.

End of the round delay

We are also going to change the delay after a new round starts once a round is completed, this will be shorten to 3 seconds.

Jumpthrow scripts will be forbidden

The last change will be the addition of Jumpthrow to the list of forbidden scripts. We have gathered feedback from players and after a voting the results were quite in favor of banning it which we now do.

These changes will as mentioned be in effect immediately and thus also in use for DreamHack ZOWIE Open Leipzig next week.
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