Groups for CS:GO in Leipzig

The wait for the first DreamHack ZOWIE Open stop in 2016 is soon over and with all teams competing known the time has come to reveal the groups for this week's $100,000 CS:GO tournament in Leipzig, Germany.

DreamHack ZOWIE Open will kick off 2016 this week at the first ever DreamHack event in Germany. With $100,000 on the line and 8 CS:GO world-class teams competing, this event is one you don't want to miss, if you are a fan of CS:GO. The field of teams is as fierce as ever and the race is on to become the first DreamHack ZOWIE Open in 2016.

The 8 teams have been seeded into groups of 4 teams, with 2 teams from each advancing to the playoffs. The groups for this week's tournament in the German city can be seen below.


All times listed in local time, GMT+1

Friday, 22nd of January
11:40 - Show start
12:00 - Group A - Na`Vi vs. SK Gaming & Luminosity vs. G2 Esports - BO1
13:30 - Group B - questionmark vs. dignitas & vs. mousesports - BO1
15:00 - Group A - Winners Match - BO1
16:30 - Group B - Winners Match - BO1
18:00 - Group A - Elimination Match - BO3
21:00 - Group B - Elimination Match - BO3

Saturday, 23rd of January
11:30 - Show start
12:00 - Group A - Decider Match - BO3
15:00 - Group B - Decider Match - BO3
18:00 - Semi-final #1 - B1 vs A2 - BO3
21:00 - Semi-final #2 - A1 vs B2 - BO3

Sunday, 24th of January
12:30 - Show start
13:00 - Grand Final - BO3


If you are wanting to come watch the matches live, then be sure to pick up your tickets today by going here. For those watching from home DreamHack TV will be your home for English and multiple additional languages covering all of the matches.
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