G2A giveaway for DHW

The ultimate giveaway for DreamHack ZOWIE Open, G2A will have lots of awesome loot up for grabs so make sure to enter!

DreamHack ZOWIE Open coming to an end this week, but the glory and rewards reaped by the winners will last forever. With G2A sponsorship of DreamHack ZOWIE Open, G2A has prepared for you the ultimate giveaway which will let you suit up like the pros. All you have to do to participate is visit this page, log in using your G2A account and follow DreamHack and the sponsors on social media for a chance to win.

Gear up in style with G2A

What is a soldier without some good camo? G2A.com spares you the trouble of looking for great skins for your uniform and weapons. The big prize of DreamHack ZOWIE Open 2016 Winter giveaway are skins worth a total of $2000. The skins are provided by G2A, the leading digital marketplace in the world, and they will ensure your soldier is going to be distinguished on the field of battle. G2A has a rich selection of skins for the best and the most popular online games out there, including CS:GO and DotA 2. If you are looking to make your character stand out there is no place with better prices.

Valuable secondary prizes!

In addition to great skins, G2A also provides five €20 Gift Cards for consolation. What can you use them for? Why, anything on the G2A Marketplace. Will it be one or more of the latest releases, like the stealthy, brutal, and creative Dishonored 2, or the dynamic, rebellious Watch Dogs 2 ? Or maybe that MMO subscription you have been planning to buy for months? Or maybe even more CS:GO skins. The choice is yours.

So enter the DreamHack ZOWIE Open giveaway and leap into the world of e-sports in style. Between Counter Strike: Global Offensive, Overwatch and more, G2A has you covered.
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