Teams, groups and schedule for Leipzig

A new year for DreamHack Open is upon us, and this year will deliver 9 CS:GO stops for you to enjoy; online or in person! We will begin the year in Leipzig, Germany, where 8 teams will battle it out for their share of the $100,000 prize pool and the first trophy of 2017.

As the dust has barely settled on our CS:GO server since the last event at DreamHack Winter, we are ready to kick off the new year with DreamHack Open in Leipzig, Germany on January 13-15th. The event will unfortunately not feature any qualifiers due to timing of other events, thus two wildcards have been handed out, joining the six invited teams. Qualifiers will be available rest of the season and for our next stop on the tour, which will be for Austin in April.

Participating Teams

Teams have been invited based on rank and results through 2016, making them eligible to play in Leipzig. These teams are: Heroic, FlipSid3, LDLC, Vega Squadron, fnatic academy and Rogue. Joining them is the two wildcard teams, both newly founded. First off is Maikelele's new team qwerty, joined by Germany's new team BIG, led by veteran gob b.

These 8 teams have been seeded into groups of 4 teams, with 2 teams from each advancing to the playoffs. The groups for the event can be seen below.

fnatic academy will use Jayzwalkingz instead of Jayzar for this event.


All times listed in local time, CET.
Matches will be played on a accelerated schedule, times are estimates.

Friday, 13th of January
13:40 - Show start
14:00 - Heroic vs. qwerty - BO1
15:30 - FlipSid3 vs. BIG - BO1
17:00 - LDLC vs. fnatic academy - BO1
18:30 - Vega Squadron vs. Rogue - BO1
20:00 - Group A - Winners Match - BO1
21:30 - Group B - Winners Match - BO1

Saturday, 14th of January
11:40 - Show start
12:00 - Group A - Elimination Match - BO3
15:00 - Group B - Elimination Match - BO3
18:00 - Group A - Decider Match - BO3
21:00 - Group B - Decider Match - BO3

Sunday, 15th of January
09:30 - Show start
10:00 - Semi Final #1 - B1 vs. A2 - BO3
12:30 - Semi Final #2 - A1 vs. B2 - BO3
15:00 - Grand Final - BO3

Prizepool Breakdown

1st. $50,000
2nd. $20,000
3-4th. $10,000
3-4th. $10,000
5-6th. $3,000
5-6th. $3,000
7-8th. $2,000
7-8th. $2,000


Plan on visiting Leipzig to visit the second ever DreamHack Leipzig event? Get your tickets today by going here. If you wish to discover more about the event in Leipzig then be sure to go here. For those watching from home DreamHack TV will be your home for English and multiple additional languages covering all of the matches.

Keep up to date

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